Nature | Wildlife | Conservation Photographer

+ Award Winner -  Honorable Mention, 'Her Kill' - Santa Fe Workshop Photo Contest June 2018

+ Juried Show Exhibits, Soho Photo Gallery, New York July 2018

+ Social Media Influencer IG @chrisangphoto

+ Speaker/Presenter

Mission: To Stop Human Indifference Towards Nature and Its Species 

Spectacularly Free: Wildlife is Spectacular only when it is Free. As there is no Beauty in Stolen Freedom.

Capturing the majesty of wildlife, the beauty of nature, or aspects of humanity - peoples, places and cultures have been transformational.

As such, I wish to use my photos to Engage & Delight you.

I hope some of what I have managed to shoot, lifts your spirits as much as they have mine.

And likewise would turn you from a unaware &/or passive observer into a Conservation Advocate.